Scuba Diving in Barracuda Point Sipadan Island for Beginners Report Launched

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( — December 2, 2019) — BizHawkes launched a new report on the best diving spots in Sipadan Island, offering practical tips for beginner divers interested in exploring the unique underwater attractions of the area.

BizHawkes, a website specializing in high-quality business and travel information, launched a new report on the scuba diving in the Barracuda Point on Sipadan Island for beginners. The report offers an overview of the best diving location in the area, as well as a variety of practical tips to help beginners find suitable accommodation and make the most of their trip to Malaysia.

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The latest BizHawkes report aims to provide an all-in-one guide for beginner divers interested in exploring the unique waters of the Sipadan Island. The most popular diving destination in Malaysia, the island has become a diving mecca after Jacques Cousteau enthusiastically described its diverse marine life.

To help beginners find the best diving locations near the island, the report has compiled a list of areas that are accessible for beginner divers and offer exciting underwater attractions.

The list includes the Coral Garden, a picturesque spot for underwater photography that features nearly all the species that can be found in the Sipadan waters. The Drop Off, Sipadan Island’s signature dive, is another opportunity for idyllic underwater exploration.

Readers will also find practical tips on where to find the best accommodation in the area.

The report states: “There are several excellent nearby resorts from which to dive here, the closest being on Mabul and Kapalai. There is only one liveaboard in the area, which stays overnight in Mabul. The resort islands also boast some excellent macro dive sites which are a great complement to the breathtaking big fish action of Sipadan.”

Finally, the report concludes with a guide to the Sipadan Island diving season, as well as practical tips to help each reader pick the right diving location.

With the latest report, BizHawkes continues to expand its range of high-quality business and travel resources. Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.