Health Authorities Strengthen Their Warnings Against Excessive Alcohol Intake

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( — December 9, 2019) Orlando, FL — Too much consumption of alcohol has long been known to produce a range of damages to health. Despite rigorous warnings from health authorities, it appears that excessive alcohol intake is still prevalent and causes many health issues.

The World Health organization has revealed that worldwide, every person 15 years and older drinks 13.5 grams of pure alcohol every day.

In the United States, many Americans prefer beer. The rest of the world have been found to consume liquor. 

The Beverage Marketing Corp. monitored and found that in 2017, Americans consumed around 27 gallons of beer, which is equivalent to 216 pints. They also drank 2.6 gallons of wine and 2.2 gallons of spirits per drinking-age adult.

It has further been found that the Arab nations of the Middle East drink the least in the world. 

One of the undesirable effects of alcohol is the spike in caloric intake. In a U.S. study, it was found that calorie intake increased during drinking days than non-drinking days. The increase was found to be due to alcohol consumption.

In men, there were 433 extra calories and 299 added calories in women. Unfortunately, alcohol messes up with one’s self-control. There are many who end up overeating while on a hangover.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that one in six adults binge drink around four times a month. This refers to eight drinks or more in every binge.

Experts warn against excessive alcohol consumption due to their effects on health. It has been a popular subject of many studies due to its prevalence and its ability to trigger conditions.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is linked with the onset of heart disease and cancer. Binge drinking, as a matter of fact, has been associated with heart attacks.

While small doses of alcohol has been known to offer some health benefits, they may be potentially outweighed if consumption is too much. Some of the other conditions associated with alcohol intake are hypertension, liver damage, and pancreatitis.

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