More Studies Suggest Vitamin B6 Is A Science-backed PMS Remedy

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( — December 10, 2019) Orlando, FL — Controlling the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be a struggle. The good news is that there are actually some natural remedies found beneficial for sufferers. 

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, at least 85 percent of menstruating females have a minimum of one PMS symptom for every month cycle. 

There are highly-recommended foods found to be useful for individuals with PMS. These are foods that could ease symptoms like mood swings, irritability, and anxiety. 

Experts strongly recommend intake of foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been scientifically found helpful for various medicinal purposes. These foods are mackerel, salmon, sardines, Albacore tuna, lake trout, and herring. 

It is similarly important to choose whole, fresh foods, such as pasta, cereals, and whole grain breads. It is important to remember that these are complex carbs that could stabilize mood and enhance the levels of serotonin.

Health care authorities further recommend going caffeine-free, as caffeine can seriously alter mood. It may be best to opt for a caffeine-free herbal tea. 

Women who are looking for some nutrients to treat the symptoms of PMS may take into account the use of nutrients like vitamin B6. 

According to experts, vitamin B6 could aid in the treatment of PMS symptoms like depression, anxiety, and irritability.

In some studies, researchers reveal that B6 was able to aid in emotional symptoms associated with PMS. This has been found to be due to the role it plays in the production of neurotransmitters that regular mood. 

Another study has shown that intake of 50 mg of B6 led to the improvement of PMS symptoms like irritability, depression, and exhaustion by 69 percent.

It is worth realizing that the use of this B vitamin has also long been known to produce a range of health benefits. It could even aid in warding off diseases and disorders. 

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