Cryptocurrency Tax Tips and IRS-Compatible Bitcoin Tax Software Released

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( — December 4, 2019) — Digital Solutions Advisor announced the release of ZenLedger, a Bitcoin accounting software for CPAs. The portal offers crypto tax tips to ensure compliance with IRS crypto tax law and automate reporting on IRS forms.

Digital Solutions Advisor announced the release of cryptocurrency tax tips and the IRS-compatible Bitcoin tax software ZenLedger. The software automates the import and processing of crypto transactions for CPAs and cryptocurrency traders.

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The rapid growth of the global cryptocurrency market presents challenges to CPAs and taxpayers alike. Upcoming changes in legislation are set to increase the availability of cryptocurrencies to retail and institutional investors. As a result, the accurate calculation of tax owed on a crypto portfolio becomes essential to ensuring compliance with IRS crypto tax law.

Digital Solutions Advisor has launched ZenLedger as a crypto tax software that addresses these challenges.

ZenLedger is a cryptocurrency tax automation software that can import crypto transactions and calculate incomes and gains from cryptocurrency trading. The software leverages powerful reporting capabilities to auto-populate multiple IRS forms including Form 8949, Schedule D, FBAR, and FinCEN Form 114. ZenLedger can also be used to generate a custom profit & loss statement, closing reports, as well as income & donation data.

The crypto tax software for CPAs is compatible with all major cryptocurrencies and exchanges including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The software can handle all fiat currencies including Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen, and others.

ZenLedger simplifies tax calculation by collating all crypto and non-crypto data in a single repository. All calculations are compliant with IRS guidelines and calculated automatically, preventing human error. CPAs can now avoid cumbersome and error-prone crypto data transcription and export data to TurboTax online.

The Bitcoin accounting software for CPAs is can be customized to the needs of traders and CPAs. ZenLedger is available in four affordable versions.

According to a spokesperson for Digital Solutions Advisor, “Until now, cryptocurrency has been a subject that many CPAs and accountants have been wary of. The reality is that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology it uses is here for the long haul. ZenLedger is a pioneer in offering a transparent solution for CPA’s who want to be able to help their customers.”

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