Find Out about Interesting Things to Do in Princeton, NJ

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( — December 4, 2019) — Are you wondering why house prices in Princeton, NJ are constantly on the rise? The reason is that this city provides an amazing atmosphere to live and raise a family. There are so many things to do in the area making weekends in Princeton extremely exciting for your family. 

Things to Enjoy in Princeton

Princeton has a vibrant and lively community, so you can easily find a long list of ‘can’t-miss’ activities. There are also many special extra events happening from time to time that give you so many more opportunities to socialize and enjoy life while living in a quality house in Princeton.

While you can visit a number of places, you will love the Princeton University Art Museum. Founded in 1882, the museum is part of the Ivy League College and among the most brilliant museums in the whole northeast region. There are over 72,000 works of art from various world cultures. What makes it each visit special is that you can find so many special exhibits not only the permanent works of arts. You can also become part of special film screenings, concerts and symposiums every year. Every time you visit there will be something new to see.

If you love being outdoors, there are year-round activities to enjoy outside as a proud citizen of Princeton, NJ. Depending on where you choose to buy your house, you will have easy access to waterways, parks and trails. Lining the Delaware and Raritan Canal, you will find many jogging trails for whenever you feel like getting out for some fitness training.

You will never run short of public parks to visit to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun any time you want. The Community Park North, Herrontown Woods, Turning Basin Park, and the D&R Canal are some of the most impressive open spaces to explore. The Community Park, in particular, is popular with locals for its picnic areas, trails and wildlife. You will also find fishing and ice skating spots there. If you like to be more adventurous, you can try canoeing on Lake Carnegie. Herrontown Woods is also a good choice if you’re interested in getting up close and personal with wildlife. This 140-acre county park has several hiking trails and a stunning arboretum.

The Bottom Line

Moving home to Princeton could be the start of a new way of life – one where you and family can enjoy your quality time enjoying the many amenities and activities without ever going too far from home. You will be living life in a city that is not only a world-renowned centre of learning but a suburban haven for professionals and families alike. Just be sure to spend some time doing your research to find a house in the best location. So many only sites are now available where you can compare different options. You can use many filters to shortlist a few properties in your selected location. So, go ahead and do your research!