Best Dog Toys Report Canine Research Breed Specific Tips Released

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( — December 5, 2019) — announced the release of their new report on picking the best dog toys including information on specific toys recommended for specific breeds., released a report in which they analyze dog toys according to scientific principles. The report categorizes different toys with different breeds and makes recommendations according to the nature of the different breeds.

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The report combines extensive types of research into two areas. First, the pet toy industry was analyzed. Then the unique personalities and characteristics of different breeds were researched. The report looks at both these aspects side by side. This is the first study of this kind.

The report covers the different categories of dog toys including fetch, floating, tug and chews toys. These are all discussed in great detail giving the pros and cons of each category.

For instance, in the realm of ball toys, they quote Jenna Stregowski, a veterinary technician in Georgia, “Choose a ball for your dog that is big enough for your dog to carry without swallowing it by mistake and small enough to easily be held in its mouth. A tennis-ball size works fine for the majority of canines dogs, however, there are also extra-large balls for giant dogs and mini balls for tiny dogs.” has one of the most extensive reservoirs of information available to dog owners and this report is in keeping with their other resources. For instance, in addition to the above categories, the report also discusses more exotic types of dog toys such as jolly balls, digging toys, comfort toys, sound toys, dispenser toys, interactive toys, seek-a-treat puzzles, busy boxes, and scent games.

The online site gives numerous recommendations for not only dog toys but has researched various other topics involving dogs. The site reports the most recent scientific information on care, training, treats, gifts, and beds. This report about dog toys is one of many that are available on the website.

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