Multiple Studies Now Reveal the Hacks to Less Challenging Diabetes Management

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( — December 12, 2019) Orlando, FL — The prevalence of diabetes continues to increase in many areas around the globe. In the United States, it is one of the most prevalent diseases.

According to researchers, it comes it three types namely Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. It is a kind of condition sufferers are strongly advised to manage, otherwise it leads to complications.

Experts say that by managing diabetes, sufferers would be able to have more energy, be less thirsty and tired, and have a reduction in urine frequency. 

Previous studies have shown that better diabetes management also leads to better healing, reductions in skin or bladder infections, and decreases in the risk of stroke, heart attack, and eye issues.

It has long been revealed that managing this condition can mean reducing stress levels, following healthy diet, and engaging in physical activities regularly. 

Scientists warn that stress is a way of increasing blood sugar levels. It is wise to manage stress by meditating, taking a walk, or simply listening to favorite music.

A diabetic meal plan could be extremely helpful, and it should consist for foods low in saturated fat, calories, sugar, salt, and trans fat. Experts further recommend consuming more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

In addition to knowing which food to eat and avoid, it is also wise to learn about what natural remedies like berberine can do to aid in diabetes management. 

According to researchers, diabetes could be an ideal treatment for type 2 diabetes and it works differently from certain popularly-used diabetes drugs. 

Studies have shown that it works by regenerating the pancreatic cells, increasing insulin, and promoting antioxidant enzyme activity. It may even work in reducing cell damage. 

Research findings have further revealed that berberine decreases triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, apo b, LDL-C, and total cholesterol. At the same time, it also enhances glucose tolerance.

Berberine is strongly believed to be extremely beneficial for diabetes management due to the various mechanisms it exerts. It could address blood sugar imbalance in many ways. 

This includes its ability to delay the breakdown of carbohydrates into simple sugars. It could even work wonders in mimicking insulin action, and this is due to its ability to increase the body’s capacity to take up glucose.

Investigators further suggest it reduces blood sugar by decreasing glucose transport via the intestinal lining. It also enhances insulin receptor expression and glucagon secretion. 

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