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( — December 5, 2019) — A newly expanded charter flight service has been launched for US clients looking for private jet flight near them. Lion Flight Charters provides access to the best quotes and flights on the market.

A newly expanded private jet charter service has been launched by Lion Flight Charters, offering nationwide private jet flights for clients across the US. Interested parties looking for air charter services, chartered flights, and the best private jet companies will find tailored solutions to suit their needs.

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The US jet charter cost and private jet rental company has launched its expanded service to better serve clients across the country.

Private jet flight is becoming increasingly popular, and offers a range of benefits over traditional commercial flights. Now, with the new service from Lion Flight Charters, clients can find the best options to suit their needs.

With Lion Flight Charters, clients get access to the top rated private charter options in the country. This includes 7,598 US charter aircraft and access to 16,631 worldwide.

This represents the largest listing of locally based private jets and charter aircraft for any flight. Clients can browse for the top rated private aircraft, the best safety-rated operators, and the most affordable pricing available.

Using the newly expanded service, clients can get charter quotes, and speak to the trained professional team for any help and guidance they need.

Lion Flight Charters has a friendly team who is there to help, and can suggest the best flight trips available to meet each clients’ goals.

Flying on private jets offers customers the chance to travel in luxury, without the need to use a busy commercial terminal. This means less hustle, faster trips, and an added layer of security. Clients can also fly with added privacy and more comfort.

The team at Lion Flight Charters states: “Take advantage of 15 years, over 13,000 charters, and one of the most experienced charter teams in the industry. Just request below, email or call 800-555-6789. Helpful charter managers are standing by during business hours and on duty 24/7.”

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