The Best Brands in the World of Dermal Fillers

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( — December 6, 2019) — At all times, people sought to preserve youth by using reasonable and unreasonable means. With the development of medicine, plastic surgery came to help. However, she was also unable to help anyone. At present, when cosmetology became an independent director of science, there is a topical and demanded alternative to visiting a plastic surgeon – contour plastic using filers. 


Juvederm Ultra Smile product of the American laboratory Allergan – occupies a worthy place among the drugs of competitors for lip correction. This filler is based on the development of American bioengineers that work with biopolymer hyaluronic acid products, so the risk of allergy is minimal. 

A lot of cosmetologists recommend it. You can buy Juvederm fillers here, on our website at an attractive price. It is intended to increase and correct the shape of the lips. In use, it is quite simple and that is why the duration of the injection itself is not more than 25 minutes. The filler also includes the non-narcotic analgesic lidocaine, which in turn ensures the painlessness of the procedure itself. 


– Short rehabilitation period and minimal risk of side effects; 

– Painless procedure due to anesthetic; 

– Natural result without pronounced unrealistic lip contour; 

– Achieving the goal in one session; 

– The long period of volume retention due to reduced biodegradation of the main component in intercellular space; 

Rejuvenating the skin and improving its overall condition. 


– Possible bruises in areas of skin puncture; 

– Allergies; 

– Inflammatory processes (erythema, swelling, redness); 

– Painfulness; 

– Hematomas; 

– Seals and knots at the point of needle entry. 


Restylane Perlane, whose laboratory is located in Geneva, Switzerland, is representative of very active and extremely long-term action. It is based on two essential components: hyaluronic acid and salt oxides, which are responsible for the further spread of hyaluronan intradermally. 

By structure, it is not very thick, which means it is easily installed and as a result, we get an effect of up to one year. After a year, it is completely removed from the body without any consequences for isolation systems. The Restylane filler, which can be bought wholesale on our website, is designed to fill them with the deepest nasolabial wrinkles, thus giving the face freshness and lost beauty over the years. Also, there is an increased moisturization in the spectrum of effects. 


– The action of the preparation is noticeable immediately after injection; 

– In 2 weeks starts collagen production; 

– Duration of the drug from one and a half to two years; 

– Ideal for the correction of the shape of the cheekbones; 

– It does not cause allergic manifestations. 


– It is not desirable to use in people with thin and sensitive skin; 

– Not suitable for lip enlargement, smoothing of wrinkles under eyes and correction of nose shape; 

– Not applicable until 35 years; 

– In case of incorrect introduction it forms lumps and clumps; 

– The negative effects of unprofessional administration of the drug are visible for a long period. 

It can be said that there is no means perfectly suitable for everyone. The quality of the procedure carried out and the subsequent result is influenced not only by the quality of the preparation but also by the condition of the patient ‘s skin, the presence of diseases, earlier cosmetic procedures and even well-being at the moment of injection. It is impossible to say that the result of injections depends in many ways on the qualification of the specialist. After all, filers are used in most cases on the face, where the skin is quite thin and sensitive. Only a professional cosmetologist will be able to carry out the procedure qualitatively and without negative consequences. Therefore, it is important not only to choose a drug, but also not to save on a specialist, and to carry out the procedure in specialized clinics or centers.