Bridgetown Mahogany Artist Sculpture Studio Tours Announced

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( — December 9, 2019) — Bridgetown, BBD — A interactive studio tour has been announced by Medford Craft World. Self taught artist Reggie Medford and his team sculpt one of a kind pieces from local Barbados mahogany.

Medford Craft World have announced the launch of their tours at their studio in Barbados. The artist hand crafts each item from genuine Barbados mahogany for one of a kind pieces.

For more information please visit the website here:

Medford Craft World is situated on a peaceful hillside, ten minutes away from Bridgetown, Barbados capital city. Artist Reggie Medford is self taught and creates individual; pieces of art from locally sourced Barbados mahogany.

Reggie’s individually crafted mahogany pieces have been exhibited throughout the Caribbean, the USA and Europe. Reggie and his team are also proud to have had their creations presented to Heads of State around the world, including Princes William and Harry, as well as Nelson Mandela.

The artists are currently offering a fully interactive tour of Medford World Craft, taking in every step of the process from the raw wood, through the carving and sculpting process and finally to the finishing of the unique pieces.

Participants will witness a live demonstration from self taught artist, Reggie Medford himself and will also have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, gifts and one of a kind pieces crafted from Barbados mahongany.

After the studio tour and experience, guests can take in the landscaped gardens surrounding the studio and meet the resident ponies, Rudy and Crystal, who are always a fun attraction for children.

Medford Craft World also offers their unique pieces of art and souvenirs at their second location called Handmade in Barbados, located in the Barbados Cruise Terminal Shop 4. This location offering those disembarking the chance to purchase a piece of Barbados art.

Those wishing to find out more about Medford Craft World and the tours they offer can visit the website on the link provided above. Alternatively, they can learn more by watching this video about the studio tour: