Barbados Fine Art Souvenirs Handmade Local Artist Dutyfree Medford Stock Launch

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( — December 9, 2019) — Bridgetown, BBD — For visitors to Barbados wanting a unique keepsake, Handmade in Barbados, a mahogany Barbadian artwork specialist, has released their latest duty-free handmade fine art souvenirs.

Handmade in Barbados, a unique Barbadian souvenir store situated in Bridgetown, at the Barbados Cruise Terminal, has released their latest artwork. All artwork is distinctive and created from local mahogany trees.

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Recently launched, the latest duty-free handmade fine art souvenirs crafted by Handmade in Barbados includes mahogany starfish, flying fish, turtles and other wildlife found in the region. Clocks, unique trinket and keepsake drawers ideal for rings, earrings and other jewels, and pen holders are also available.

All Handmade in Barbados fine art gets crafted from local mahogany, some artwork is polished wood, while other pieces are left natural. Artworks are crafted by a local artist who draws inspiration from the local environment making these art pieces ideal as souvenirs and holiday keepsakes.

The local artist that makes the fine art for Handmade in Barbados makes the pieces at Medford Craft World, the sister site to Handmade in Barbados. Visitors to Handmade in Barbados wanting to see the local artist craft and artwork can organize a tour to the Medford Craft World to see the artist in action.

Offering locals and visitors to Barbados unique and practical artwork and unique mahogany pieces, Handmade in Barbados is an authentic local art organization that’s able to ship merchandise worldwide. Visitors to the Handmade in Barbados store who say, “Handmade in Barbados” when making a purchase receive a discount.

When asked about their purchases at Handmade in Barbados, buyers of artwork said, “The selection of art is incredible. We enjoyed visiting the store. All art is beautiful, which made choosing one piece extremely difficult.”

To find out more about Handmade in Barbados and their latest artwork, call 246 258 1110 or visit Site visitors clicking on the URL link can view the artwork gallery, find out where Handmade in Barbados is situated, and view their latest business hours.