Real Stock Value Trading Tips and Triggers Insider Tracking Tools Launched

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( — December 9, 2019) — Stock trading and investment resources platform Stock Value has been launched to offer members access to cutting-edge market analysis tools, including a real value calculator, insider tracking and more.

Stock Value, a company specializing in high-quality stock trading and investment resources, launched an update of its high-quality trading analysis platform. Stock Value members get access to a wide range of features designed to help them make an informed choice on the stocks to buy by analyzing a variety of relevant factors, including EPS, number of shares traded per day, estimated true value of a stock, and many others.

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The recent launch has been designed to provide stock traders and investors at all levels of experience with an actionable tool to improve their trading success.

According to Stock Value, one of the most important problems with assessing the real value of a stock is the real-time corrections made by the market. Newscasts and TV shows often provide outdated market trends, since the movements shown on TV have likely been already corrected by the market.

Stock Value offers a reliable tool for investors looking to improve their trading success using a variety of analytic instruments.

One of the most important features of the online program is its easy-to-understand real value calculator. Based on a proprietary formula developed by company founder and experienced investor David Hall, the formula offers a realistic assessment of the true value of a stock. This makes it easier for investors to purchase stocks with a strong growth potential, rather than basing their decisions on reactive market analyses.

Stock Value has already been used successfully by thousands of investors throughout the world.

A satisfied user said: “I’m 62 and on disability after 2 heart attacks. Living on social security is hard. The only money I had was an inheritance from my father. After my broker lost most of it, I knew there had to be something different. Since starting here, not only have I been able to increase my standard of living, I have also been building my portfolio as an inheritance for my children.”

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