Fort Lauderdale FL Property to Buy Market Strength Buyers Guide Launched

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( — December 9, 2019) — Fort Lauderdale, FL — A new guide to the Fort Lauderdale property market has been launched by Florida Housing Wire. It highlights the trends and predictions that show the market looking strong for 2020.

A new Fort Lauderdale housing market predictions and pricing guide has been launched by Florida Housing Wire. It explains that tight inventory supports signs of a strong real estate market in 2020 and recommends this year as the time to buy property.

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The newly launched guide shows that the coming year represents a compelling time to buy for property hunters in Fort Lauderdale.

This means that families looking to move to the area, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and home buyers will be able to find some good deals by looking around.

Florida Housing Wire begins the new article by focusing on recent trends, and comments on how they can help to predict the future market.

One of the key insights is that there is an overall national trend that the number of active listings is lower than buyer demand.

Many US regions are therefore struggling to keep up with the demand. This includes Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas where people are looking to move to the local area.

In addition to this, housing prices were up 5% in July. Florida Housing Wire explains that this shows that affordability is likely dropping.

The guide goes on to say that, despite the fear of a looming recession, Florida has created a bubble for its housing market. This is in part due to the strong economy and desirability.

Florida Housing Wire states: “Although increases have slowed over the past year, South Florida is still seeing consistant growth in prices, sales and transactions. While new listings are not rising, home sales still are. Single-family home sales in South Florida had a year over year increase of 4.4 percent. However, this is a 1.4 percent drop from last year.”

Another important insight from the new guide is that Fort Lauderdale median home prices are on the rise. They will be approaching $340,000 in 2020.

The guide goes on to highlight that’s future property performance in the state is looking strong for investors, developers and buyers.

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