Gig Harbor WA Law Family Child Custody Property Attorneys Office Launched

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( — December 11, 2019) — Gig Harbor, WA — Gig Harbor and Pierce County WA family law, child custody and property division law firm, Robinson & Hadeed Family Law, launched an upgraded website and opened new offices serving Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, and all of Pierce County, WA.

Robinson & Hadeed Family Law launched an improved website and announced the opening of their new offices at Gig Harbor on Bainbridge Island WA. Servicing the Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and Pierce County areas, lawyers Jeffrey A. Robinson and Shannon Hadeed are family law attorneys with over 54 years of collective experience.

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Thoroughly assessing all the strengths and weaknesses of each case, whilst applying attention to all details, Robinson and Hadeed are vigorous and courageous advocates and negotiators, who work to achieve the best possible result for the client and their children.

With the launch of their enhanced and informative user-friendly website and the opening of their new offices the people of Gig Harbour and Pierce County going through divorce, property settlement and child custody matters, now have compassionate and empowering attorneys to represent their best interests.

Robinson & Hadeed guide their clients through every step of the process, assisting them to understand what is happening as their case progresses. With the launch of their new website, they convey clearly that their approach is to prioritise working towards a satisfactory resolution between all parties through negotiation and mediation, rather than going to trial.

People going through divorce usually start out feeling quite unsure about the whole process, and they are often coming out of an abusive relationship. Robinson & Hadeed work to empower their clients to move forward in a positive way, as they sort through the issues of child custody, visitation, asset and liability division, spousal support and enforcement of decrees.

With the opening of their offices in Gig Harbor and the launch of their new website, Robinson & Hadeed Family Law make it clear that decisions regarding children and money matters are critical in every case, and so they work to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.

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