NYC Digital Marketing Rehab Healthcare Marketing Social Media Solutions Launched

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( — December 10, 2019) Salt Lake City, Utah — NYC digital marketing agency 360 Nerds has launched niche services: rehab healthcare marketing and social media marketing solutions. The agency creates and manages lead generation, social media management, and conversion campaigns for alcohol & drug rehab facilities.

NYC digital marketing agency 360 Nerds announced the launch of rehab healthcare marketing and social media solutions. The agency designs, creates, implements, and manages high-ROI marketing campaigns for healthcare suppliers with a specific focus on rehab service providers.

Digital marketing for healthcare through well defined content marketing strategies, lead generation and search engine optimization. 360 Nerds offers affordable digital marketing packages to help you grow your addiction treatment center’s website traffic, get more phone calls, leads and more clients. They know healthcare marketing and will help you bring your rehab center to a new level.

With their custom approach to SEO, Google will rank your addiction treatment centre first and will bring in visitors that are looking to get treatment or bring in a loved one in treatment. Contact them today for a free SEO audit and an in-person/online conference consultation.


More information about 360 Nerds and Healthcare Marketing is available at

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 21 million people across the United States needed treatment for substance abuse. The 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that 2.4 million people needed treatment at a specialty facility. 360 Nerds offers healthcare marketing to addiction & rehab centers across New York State.

The alcohol and drug rehab marketing agency offer an integrated marketing solution that combines search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing services. Targeted social media campaigns based on customized strategies help businesses find and reach more clients while meaningfully engaging with their followers on social media.

More information about the agency’s alcohol rehab marketing solutions is available at

Marketing solutions for New York addiction recovery clinics and rehabilitation facilities include website development, lead generation, visual design, advertising, video production, and video ad services. 360 Nerds digital marketing consultants have experience as in-house marketers and independent consultants to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The rehab center marketing agency in New York City generates comprehensive campaign reports that detail patient acquisitions, customer behavior, and conversions. 360 Nerds focuses on organic conversions by directing traffic to a client’s website and social media pages to help rehab centers grow their patient base.

According to a spokesperson for the NYC healthcare marketing solutions agency, “We help more rehab and addiction recovery service providers connect with clients who need their services. Our comprehensive healthcare marketing solutions help rehab facilities gain local relevance and visibility.”

360 Nerds is a full-stack online marketing agency based in New York City offering bespoke online and local business solutions.

360 Nerds is managed by an experienced team of SEO veterans that founded the company on the principle of providing honest and outstanding online search engine optimization focusing on addiction facilities. They guarantee that their SEO strategies will deliver real results for their clients.

For more information about digital marketing solutions for healthcare rehabilitation facilities, call 646-493-5557 or visit the URL above.