To Smoothly Edit and Convert Video – a VideoProc Review

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( — December 10, 2019) — It is said, wherever you go, you should always be willing to learn. You know why? Because everyone starts as a beginner and then learns, decides to be a professional or a pro at a given task. This is something that motivates everyone to try. However, to try and learn, there should always be options, always have opportunities and always have a guide or mentor in place to work with. If you can’t try and learn practically, there isn’t a point to put in the effort. 

Similarly, when a beginner was given the task to edit and stabilise their competition video for their final submission, their only hope was to learn the art and get to work. They looked around the internet, asked around for help because using professional and expensive softwares like Adobe was out of their league. It took some time but they realised, all they needed was the right software to work with. 

Luckily and thankfully, they found VideoProc. Yes, VideoProc is a video editing software available at a cheaper price than any professional software but provides tons of features, all basic and necessary editing requirements and even a full GPU acceleration.  All of these helped the students do quick work, edit their video, not compromise on quality and have an amazing final submission. 


Why VideoProc works best? It’s because it has the following features to work with:

All-purpose video editing 

Our VideoProc review shows that it not only covers all basic options to edit any video like cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, flip, add effect subtitles, enhance any videos, Gif etc but it also provides more advanced editing options like fixing footage, deshake, denoise, correct lens distortion, A/V sync, GOP, adjust speed, etc. This way, you get all options in just one place, saving both time and effort. It also has audio editing features, extracts audios, downloads file and runs them after upload as per the user’s format preference.  

All-in-one video converting solution 

With VideoProc you can Convert video or any audio to all popular formats, e.g. convert MKV to MP4 or an iPhone compatible mode. The reason is that VideoProc has a system to support 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats all the time.

While converting , you can compress large video size by 90% with merely pixel-level quality difference, allowing no issues with original quality standards. 

Expert in processing Large / 4K videos

Like mentioned, not only does it convert large videos in any formats, it also functions and processes them for editing at a high speed, like MP4, HEVC, M2TS, MKV, etc. Moreover, 4K 30 / 60 / 120 / 240 fps videos in HEVC, H.264, can also be handled. VideoProc is also one software which processes 3D videos too. Talking about old video audio DVDs, VideoProc converts them to any video formats too. It can also edit and function with large sized GoPro videos, reduce their side, convert quality for YouTube uploads and not reduce quality. 

Full GPU Acceleration for 4K video –

Credible and fast use of Intel QSV, NVIDA, AMD allows high speed video processing which goes upto 47X real-time faster via VideoProc. This way, the file size is Optimized without any compromises on quality. With high-tech results and Lower CPU usage, the entire processing of 4K videos happens smoothly. Similarly, processing any audio clip, converting or cropping it also happens at a high speed. 

An attractive price, attractive features and a user-friendly website, nothing less than the best. Video tutorials, feature details and clear instructions are given on their website, clarifying all your doubts before making a final choice, which simply shows how VideoProc puts customers first.  

You can watch the tutorial here:

In fact, if you have any of the following requirements, VideoProc should be your first choice –

  • Easily convert of videos to fit for their media player or mobile.
  • Efficient conversion of 4K, HD, large videos with high possible quality in place.
  • An easy, fast and stable software to do video editing, processing, converting and downloading, etc. Especially with processing and editing 4K/large-sized/high-speed videos effectively. 
  • Have a lightweight & user-friendly video software to edit videos without freezing and crashing. That is, no lags and no delays. 

VideoProc isn’t as expensive or complicated as professional softwares, especially with VideoProc having a giveaway and anniversary offer on its website. It can operate green screens, download videos via the internet UGG platforms and still not lag. What else could one want in a video editing software in the 21st century?