Cryptocurrency in 2020: Would It Still Be Worth It?

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( — December 12, 2019) — Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum – think of these as the new generation of purchasing. These cryptocurrencies are now one of the best byproducts of modern technology, and taking it on a higher pedestal is just amazing to ponder. 

From international flights and real estates to even buying online gardening tools, the power of this format of monetization can bring progress that is off the charts.

There are so many political agendas that are brought to worse by real money. It became the god of business and has yet to prove in making more and more tycoons lengthen their reign in power purchasing. And after a few years, the world had welcomed an unlikely development of systematic purchasing in the form of credit cards and the likes in banking.

Now, how do we enable cryptocurrency in making a more resilient community of exchange, and thus making the world a better place? The answer to this is not that clear for now, but what we are trying to arrive in the modernization of money is purely for progress. It is a challenge that had made liberation, and yet a temptation to the eyes of many cybercriminals.

Another underlying question would be, what could happen in 2020 with all these tremendous works of cryptocurrencies? Would it be better or worse for the succeeding years? Here are three major areas that would be greatly impacted by this digital asset, and some cryptocurrency predictions in the incoming year.


First thing’s first, cryptocurrency has become the blood of business. If you notice, real banknotes are still outside lingering around our transactions and pockets, but this other side of the exchange, in the longer term of several years, is bound to a bigger pasture.

Big companies like McDonald’s and Tesla have considered using bitcoin as a medium of payment, making it easier for consumers who have invested in cryptocurrency to purchase. Having the best of both, or if not the only two methods of payment make huge advantages for these companies in their fortune-making.

The most probable thing that cryptocurrency would affect is the banks. If people would use more bitcoins or any cryptocurrency in the future, then banks would alter their modes for the benefit of their firm.

Also, people use banking as a basic form of life insurance and purchases. This would mean that if we use cryptocurrency in all forms of payment, then the rest of the firms around the world would also adjust.

Daily basis

Now let’s go a bit more specific. What normal people can do to cryptocurrency is beyond imaginable, especially when even the smallest of all activities are powered by it.

Bank transfers, among all basics in terms of banking, will be cheaper with cryptocurrency. This insane, risky and optimistic approach had become so beneficial. A transaction regarding this only took a couple of minutes, taking the fact that the value of the transacted money was so big. Now, think of it in normal transfers of our fellows – smaller dimes, fewer costs.

As a prediction, if there will be more crypto-related industries that will arise, there will also be more currencies that will be created. Think of it not as money, but as a mere way of living. There will be more types of things that can be dealt with daily exchanges, and that would be more beautiful and progressive because no one has to haggle hard in one currency.

Although, there would be chances that having more currencies will deal with major expansion problems in multifarious industries in the world. It would be much difficult to handle such changes and might be conclusive of more complications, in terms of cybercrimes and such.


In the aforementioned part of the introduction, cryptocurrencies may be part of any agenda, may it be in the government or any platform that distinguishes politics as a medium of transaction.

Cryptocurrencies, as of now, are hard to centralize. And with the vast improvement of this currency, it allows itself to lure around and online. This is why some governments cannot approve of it because of its hard-tracking property.

Money laundering is also viable in the long term with this currency. Along with an online threat, phishers, hackers, and cybercriminals, among others, are the most possible suspects if there would a downfall with this industry.

In the next year, there would be many more allegations about how this currency can damage numerous doubtful firms. The only thing that possibly separates this and the advancements is the hesitant decisions of huge government heads and the traditionalism that they partake in opening spaces for modernization.


Given these areas of cryptocurrency impact, there are still huge chances that this type of exchange will be pursued, alongside a multitude of beneficiaries. There may be instances that having this as a normative structure of purchasing will be contested, however, there will still be people who will thrive to outlaw or at least subdue the hesitations of the rest. 

Nowadays, with its swell of value, investing would be very much appreciated by many users. And just like any other platform, major problems like laundering can be very possible; just make sure to know where and when to capitalize.