Integrative Medicine Dr Farid Rooh Pain Treatment Avoid Surgery Webinar Launched

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( — December 13, 2019) — A new webinar has been launched by Dr Farid Rooh at Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center. Attendees can learn about the options available to them to avoid surgery.

Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center has launched a new webinar for anyone dealing with pain and chronic pain. Interested parties can sign up for the webinar run by Dr Farid Rooh, who will inform and educate them on the options available to them.

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The new webinar shows anyone considering surgery for pain and injuries that there is an alternative solution out there. Dr Rooh explains that people should explore all their options before surgery, and treat that as a last resort.

He is a specialist at Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona. He specializes in integrative medicine, and provides natural and effective pain relief solutions.

The aim of the services provided at Wellness 1st is to get to the root cause of any issues, rather than treating the symptoms.

Attendees of the newly launched webinar will see that with regenerative medical therapies from 1st Wellness, patients have been able to help thousands of patients to relieve their pain and avoid surgery.

The team works with peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, hip pain, lower back pain, and all joint related pain.

The new webinar gives participants the key information they need to know in order to make the best healthcare decisions for their needs.

Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center states: “There are Natural Regenerative Therapies available to heal the root-cause of your pain. Even if you have been told that surgery is your only option and there is nothing else that can be done for you, you owe it to yourself to learn about what state-of-the-art regenerative medicine can do for you.”

They add: “This means you can avoid the risk, pain, and suffering of post surgery recovery time. Most people that utilize Regenerative Medical Therapies become pain-free in a very short time with long lasting results and no negative side-effects.”

Full details of the newly launched webinar can be found on the URL above.