Collectable Watches Investment Metal IRA Assets Crypto Report Launched

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( — December 17, 2019) — Collectable Assets released a new report for investors looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in assets such as metals, jewelry and luxury watches, as well as digital assets including Bitcoin.

Collectable Assets, a website specializing in high-quality investment information, launched a full report on investing in collectable assets such as metals, jewelry and watches. The report examines the significant growth potential of collectables, and argues that cryptocurrencies may become a new type of asset as they are becoming widely accepted by governments throughout the world.

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The newly released report has been designed to provide modern investors with practical tips on how to diversify their portfolios using collectables and cryptocurrencies.

The report states that physical assets offer a solid investment opportunities, since they are significantly less prone to the volatility of the financial market.

According to the report, digital assets may soon join physical assets as some of the best investments one can make in 2020.

The report explains: “The ultimate safe haven trades for investors has been the yellow shining metal, certain diamonds and even luxury watches. However, a new popular derivative which is behaving like a safe haven is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin stands tall in that basket because as of today the collective market cap of all the cryptocurrencies has reached a $161 billion for the first time.”

One clear indicator of the potential of Bitcoin to withstand large market fluctuations is its substantial growth following the heightened military tensions between US and North Korea. Bitcoin price rocketed from under $2,000 per coin in July to over $3,000, showing that investors have been treating it as a safe haven currency.

The newly released report recommends Regal Assets as a robust way for investors looking to purchase metals, jewelry, luxury watches and other collectables, as well as diversify their portfolios with cryptocurrencies.

A member of the Forbes Finance Council, Regal Assets offer various types of investment opportunities, including the opening of metal IRA accounts. Other benefits of using Regal Assets include its high-security separate storage facilities to ensure maximum investment safety, easy-to-use investment tools, and the accessibility of buying gold, jewelry, watches and other collectables.

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