Maxi Climber Vertical Climbing At-Home Full Body Workout Guide Launched

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( — December 14, 2019) — A new guide to the Maxi Climber at-home vertical climbing system has been launched by Health Essential 101. It covers the key features, benefits, and details for customers.

Health Essential 101 has launched a new guide to the Maxi Climber, one of the leading vertical climber exercise machines on the market. The vertical climbing product was developed by Maxi Climber to cater to the fitness market, as climbing machines were proving popular at the gym. Now customers can use them in their own home.

More information can be found at: Maxi Climber

The newly launched guide explains that, with the Maxi Climber home vertical climbing system, customers can get a workout in the comfort of their own home.

Readers will be able to find out about all the key features of the Maxi Climber vertical climber with the new Health Essential 101 guide. It covers the pros, cons, key features, and how it works.

Health Essential 101 underscores that special features with the Maxi Climber include adjustable height, an auto workout timer, detailed display features, ergonomic design, lightweight design, low impact workout possibilities, and non-slip ergonomic grips.

The guide showcases that it’s also simple to setup, and is designed to be easy to use for all fitness abilities. In this way, it can be used by beginners and more experienced fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Maxi Climber is designed to be a versatile and easy to use climber that works for all fitness levels. Customers will also be able to get their own companion fitness app to guide them through workouts.

Health Essential 101 says that one of the most important aspects of the equipment is that it provides a low impact, effective workout.

The new guide states: “The Maxi Climber however, is considered by many to be one of the most superior forms of cardio-based exercise currently in existence. The Maxi Climber is a low-impact form of exercise that combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance training.”

A recent customer said: “When it says total body workout it means it! This thing is a beast of a machine for being as simple as it is. It places a lot of emphasis on your core, and remarkably works all parts of your body.“

Interested parties can find out more about the product on Health Essential 101 at: Full Body Workout