Caribbean Commercial Property Bridge Loans Hard Money Lender Service Launched

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( — December 17, 2019) — Commercial property investment loans in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America are available with the launch of hard money bridge loan programs, and a free consultation service, from Caribbean Mortgage Loans, based in Florida, USA.

Hard money bridge loans for commercial properties in Mexico, The Caribbean, Central and South America, have been launched by Caribbean Mortgage Loans with a new free consultation service widget on their website.

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Based in Tampa, Florida, short-term commercial bridge loans secured by real estate and funded by private investors, are offered for new and existing commercial property investments. Caribbean Mortgage Loans are federally registered and approved with the National Mortgage Licensing System and licensed by the State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

With the launch of this commercial property lending service, hard money bridge loans, commercial mortgage loans, refinance, property acquisition, construction and property development loans are available for commercial investments in the US, Mexico, and all stable countries across the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Caribbean Mortgage Loans refer commercial lenders directly to borrowers so there are definitely no broker chains involved. An example of a recent funding was a $2.1 million US hard money pre-development land bridging loan on an island of Jamaica.

The challenge in this particular case was that the Jamaican land was non-income producing and undeveloped. This was resolved with a 3-year bridging loan of 55% of the appraised value, enabling the borrower to re-position assets in preparation for an imminent development of the property.

Other countries where these types of commercial property loans can be used for investments include: The Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Trinidad and the Virgin Islands. With the launch of the hard money bridge loan service, Caribbean Mortgage Loans are prepared to consider investments in any stable country across Central and South America.

With several commercial hard money loan programs available, Ray Wateska stated that Caribbean Mortgage Loans offer an alternative to conventional lenders, who often take several months to fund multi-million dollar commercial loans.

Ray said “we understand that sometimes borrowers require funds much more quickly for the purchase and refinance of existing income producing properties and sure-fire commercial land development opportunities”.

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