FAA Certified Drone Pilot Instructor Training Commercial and Home Course Launched

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(Newswire.net — December 18, 2019) — ABJ Drones has launched a new hybrid training program for skilled drone operators to become FAA-certified drone pilot instructors. The instructor program combines online training and simulators with in-person training with course instructors.

ABJ Drones LLC, a pioneer in drone flight education announced the launch of a new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified drone pilot instructor training course. The course combines online and in-person practical training modules available through the ABJ Drone Academy system.

More information about ABJ Drones & new course is available at https://bizhawkes.com/become-a-drone-pilot-instructor

The FAA has stringent regulations for recreational, commercial, public safety, and government operators of drones and all types of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Commercial drone operators need to be certified to pilot drones in compliance with these regulations.

ABJ Drones has launched its drone pilot instructor training course to equip skilled UAS pilots with industry-ready skills to train and certify other drone pilots.

The affordable drone pilot trainer certification includes an online training component followed by a trainer-supervised practical component. The drone pilot training program lasts for three days and requires candidates to be qualified professional drone pilots with considerable UAS flight time.

Certified drone pilot instructors can then impart drone training to pilots using the ABJ Drone Academy system. Instructor candidates also have access to a network of more than 5,000 drone pilots and global employment opportunities.

ABJ Drones offers specialization courses to equip instructors for specific applications such as aerial photography, drone videography, and professional drone surveying. The training provider equips instructors to train drone pilots in the areas of public safety surveillance, sUAS for industrial inspections, mapping, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)

According to a spokesperson for the Drone pilot instructor training company, “We are delighted to offer an industry-leading FAA certified drone pilot instructor training course. This course is our response to the growing need for competent certified drone pilot instructors to train new commercial & professional drone pilots.”

ABJ Drones is a full-service drone pilot and instructor training center offering online and practical training modules and full-length programs. All programs are compliant with regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority and the FAA.

For more information about becoming a certified drone instructor, visit the URL above.