Boxing Day Sales 2019: How Consumers Can Grab the Best Deals

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( — December 19, 2019) — Retravision is an Australian megastore offering everything the whole family could need for the home, from smart TVs and iPads to electric ovens and hair dryers.

It’s that time of year again! That’s right – it’s Boxing Day sales time, the best time of the year to find bargains! Coming off the back of a strong pre-Christmas shopping period, this year’s Boxing Day sales are set to be huge, with great deals from Australia’s biggest retailers available in-store and online.

Shoppers have been out in force since the Black Friday sales, which smashed predictions with record-breaking sales, outpacing previous years by leaps and bounds and pleasantly surprising many retailers.

Retravision General Manager, Glen Mortimer said today that the sales had really taken off. The strong Black Friday results have been attributed to the heightened awareness of the sales amongst Australian shoppers.

“We knew that it was going to be big this year, consumers are more aware of it and there are more retailers involved, but we didn’t expect it to be as big as it was,”

Retailers are still reeling following the mass participation in the sale. Excited shoppers walked away with incredible deals on big brands and this year’s must-have items.

“It’s well and truly become a phenomenon in Australia, if people didn’t know what it was before, they do now!”

The conveniently timed sale is right on time for most people to get their Christmas shopping done.

Despite an early start to the Christmas shopping period, sales are still expected to be strong for Boxing Day with retailers like Retravision optimistic that it will be as popular as ever with Australian consumers.

“There are a lot of great deals to be had this year for Boxing Day, we don’t expect Black Friday will eat into those opportunities for consumers at all,” said Glen Mortimer.

Boxing Day has traditionally always been Australia’s biggest sales event – often characterised by the news of shoppers camping out and snapping up impressive bargains each year. This year is unlikely to be any different, thanks to the incredible offers and savings available through retailers throughout Australia.

So, what do shoppers need to know about the Boxing Day sales, and how do they find the best deals?

What are the Boxing Day sales?

For many Australians, Boxing Day is the much-anticipated day that follows Christmas. The day when all the fuss of Christmas dinner is over – time to enjoy the leftovers, the gifts and the incredible bargains at the Boxing Day sales! But have you ever stopped to wonder what the day is all about? It doesn’t have anything to do with boxing, if that’s what you’re thinking!

The origins of ‘Boxing Day’ are actually tied up in the idea of giving ‘Christmas boxes’. Most historians agree that the day used to be the day when employers would give their staff the day off and gift them with Christmas boxes full of gifts or Christmas leftovers. Nowadays it’s been translated into a day off for all – a public holiday! It’s also now a day that kicks off the biggest sales period for the year.

“Boxing Day has always been huge for us, we put out some of our best deals and offer consumers the biggest savings for the entire year during the sales,” said Retravision’s Glen Mortimer.

When do the Boxing Day sales begin?

The Boxing Day sales usually begin on the 26th December, the day following Christmas. In Australia, and many other countries, the day is a public holiday.

Retailers jump on the public holiday and offer some of the year’s most dramatic price reductions to help them move their stock at the end of the season.

When do the Boxing Day sales end?

Whilst the sales often begins on Boxing day, they often continue for a week or more, sometimes lasting up until the 31st of December. The term ‘Boxing Week’ has become popular amongst retailers who stretch the sales out both in-store and online, to the benefit of savvy shoppers.

Many stores offer doorbuster deals, or special deals at the launch of the sale to help kick things off, so it’s worth shopping around from the get-go!

How to get the best deals during the Boxing Day sales

The Boxing Day sales present an excellent opportunity to take advantage of some of the year’s best bargains, so don’t miss out! Preparation is key to making the most out of the sales. Here’s some tips for how to get the best out of Boxing Day:

– Do your research: Find out what offers are available from your favourite retailers ahead of time, it will help you prioritise your shopping on the day!

– Don’t wait: It’s not unusual for the best items to sell out quickly, big savings means big competition! If you’re planning to buy something in-store or online then get in quick!

– Buy Now, Pay Later: New interest-free buy now, pay later services are changing the way we shop and making it easier than ever to bag a Boxing Day bargain. Take advantage of services like Zip and Humm at retailers like Retravision.

– Take advantage of price matching: Many stores offer price matching, or will even beat the prices of competitor stores, so shop smart and get to know the policies of your favourite stores.

The Boxing Day sales will no doubt be huge this year, with stores already gearing up for the onslaught of excited shoppers on the hunt for incredible savings.

“We’re going all out this year with amazing offers on some of our best brands,” Glen Mortimer said.

“This year at Retravision, and at many other retailers, you’ll be able to find deals on some of the best big-ticket items,”

Sounds like it’s time for shoppers to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into some serious savings this Boxing Day!

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