Experts Warn Inflammation Is Linked With the World’s Most Common Causes of Death

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( — December 25, 2019) Orlando, FL — Scientists have long been warning against chronic inflammation, which has been associated with the onset of some of the world’s most fatal medical conditions.

According to experts, chronic inflammation plays a role in the most common causes of death globally. These include atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic obstructive lung disease.

Multiple research studies have shown that making the right food choices could significantly reduce levels of inflammation inside the body.

Scientists recommend avoiding foods high in trans fats, high glycemic index, and saturated fats. An eating pattern called the Mediterranean-style diet is highly recommended as it recommends anti-inflammatories like olive oil, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains.

Aside from having the right diet, it is also best to exercise regularly. Research has shown that individuals who exercise regularly tend to heal faster from injuries, and are less prone to chronic inflammation.

There are also experts who recommend getting adequate sleep as sleep deprivation has been associated with inflammation.

In a 2006 study, it has been found that sleep loss changes molecular processes that drive cellular immune activation as well as induce inflammatory cytokines,which in turn can increase pain.

It is similarly important to consume more water, which is a vital element in maintaining the body’s proper functioning. Staying hydrated can reduce acidosis and aid in maintaining pH level balance, which are essential in reducing chronic inflammation.

There are helpful all-natural anti-inflammatories available like bromelain that are being widely studied by researchers.

According to Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C., founder of the website Ancient Nutrition, one study that evaluated bromelain’s ability to treat patients found that it supported wound healing and helped decrease pain and swelling following operations.

It has long been found that bromelain could work wonders in offering relief from swelling and expediting recovery. These therapeutic actions have been found to be due to the strong anti-inflammatory properties it contains.

In a study, it has been found that those treated with bromelain achieved significantly reduced swelling, post-operation pain, and redness. It has been found to work better than a generic painkilling medication.

There are supplements like Divine Bounty Digestive Enzyme that could work wonders in delivering the anti-inflammatory benefits of bromelain.

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