Cryptocurrency Profit Loss IRS Form Tax Management Guide Launched

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( — January 3, 2020) — A new guide to cryptocurrency tax software has been launched by Crypto Info Wire. It highlights the benefits of ZenLedger and shows how it can save time and energy with tax returns.

Crypto Info Wire has launched a new guide to cryptocurrency tax tips for CPAs and Bitcoin tax software that anyone can use. It was written for anyone struggling to understand the IRS cryptocurrency tax laws.

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The new guide explains that for many people, it can be confusing knowing what to do when reporting cryptocurrency on taxes. Often it’s the case that people aren’t aware that they are liable for tax on their cryptocurrency investments.

The new guide from Crypto Info Wire begins by covering the state of Bitcoin before moving on to whether or not it’s a good investment. From there, it covers the IRS and crypto tax laws, before moving on to virtual currency tax tips.

Finally, the guide covers ZenLedger and how it can help to streamline the process by automating much of the hard work. Crypto Info Wire shows that ZenLedger makes it easy for users to calculate capital gains and losses across exchanges. In addition to this, it can help people to auto fill their IRS forms.

It offers an automated process so that users can import all their crypto transactions. ZenLedger will then produce a profit and loss statement, which can be used by the individual and their CPA.

The guide states: “Up until ZenLedger, there were very few places one could turn and be assured their crypto tax calculations were being handled correctly. After all, who in the world has the time to stay on top of the changes that come down the pike regarding tax law and cryptos? I know I don’t. That is why I chose ZenLedger.”

One of the main benefits of ZenLedger as a tool is that it has high quality customer support. It also easily imports the necessary data via CSV or API.

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