The Best Guitars You Can Get for Yourself This New Year

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( — December 28, 2019) — To all the musicians out there, ring in this New Year with your favorite, supreme electric guitar. But before you jump in and get yourself the first guitar you set your eyes on, let’s understand what key components make up a great guitar.


Before purchasing your favorite, be sure to check the compatibility. Check if it suits your handedness and style. The size is a major concern for many. So is the weight of the body. Some prefer light weighed body while others prefer heavy ones. Depending on your preference purchase the right one. Before making a purchase, be sure of every detail listed under the description. Get an expert just to be safe. 


Of course, sound matters. When purchasing, check if the guitar is pre-tuned. If it is not, it fine. You can tune it yourself using apps or get it professionally tuned by someone. Quality tonewood makes a slight, if not much, difference. Many high-end manufacturers use a combination of tonewood to get the best sound possible. 

Check for quality pick-ups. Guitars with low-quality picks-ups make the guitar sound muddy and lack clarity of notes. Bridges make a difference. Most of them are associated with the genre of music. It all depends on your taste. One guitarist’s bridge might irritate the other. Therefore, keep an eye on the bridge as well.


This depends entirely on the guitarist’s taste. Aesthetics can get you all hyped up for no reason, or for plenty of reasons. IT all depends on the guitarist.  Aesthetics for some are a big deal as it gives out the aura of their own personalities. But if you are not someone who is into this, it is absolutely fine. 

Now that we’ve gotten a sort of basic understanding of what makes a great guitar, let’s check out some of the best guitars out there, and understand what makes them special. You can absolutely learn about all these musical instruments and more on the Karaoke Bananza website.


The Les Paul Tribute Plus is a beautiful Flame top instrument with a mahogany body and indispensably beautiful tones. It is an affordable and efficient guitar. 

The guitar packs two Gibson USA ‘57 Classic humbuckers. The ‘57 classics are known for their tonal range and output, letting you go from smooth to mean with ease. The tone pots are way advanced, letting you switch as you wish for different tone options. This one is all about tradition and innovation. 

To sum it up, this Les Paul is one of the best things that has happened to the world of music. 


This electric guitar is the same as G2420T except that the center block widens its use at higher volumes. It is the affordable version of ES-335. It is a semi-hollow-body with a laminated maple body. It also has the humbucking bridge pickup.