Small Business Emergency Cash Future Receivables Purchase Service Launched

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( — January 2, 2020) — has launched an Emergency Cash Service for small businesses This alternative loan product is geared toward those businesses that need cash in order to survive.

Nationwide financial services company has launched an innovative Emergency Cash Service for small businesses. The company is dedicated to finding the money a small business needs to meet inventory and payroll during business emergencies.

For more information see has launched its Emergency Cash Services due to the lack of available financing from traditional sources. This service is designed to ensure the survival of a small business in an emergency situation. Their unique funding strategy usually places cash in the small business within 5 business days. provides unsecured business loan alternatives called Merchant Cash Advances. They have customized programs that provide business owners with unsecured business loan alternatives that have terms that are specific to the business. is categorized as an Individual Sales Organization (ISO) and works closely with the business owner and the financing provider. There is no retail side to this business model and as such businesses that receive money through this means receive better rates and service.

Some of the types of businesses this model helps eateries, convenience stores, liquor stores, hotels and motels, extended stay lodging, and medical facilities. Alternative sources of cash can be obtained with minimum paperwork and in a fraction of the time that a traditional loan requires.

A recent applicant stated, “I could not believe how fast I received the funds to keep my doors open. I have a seasonal business and in the summer things can get pretty tight. That’s when I need the most capital to buy the inventory for the fourth quarter when I make most of my money. was able to get me the funding I needed in 24 hours!”

During the launch of this innovative financial services product, interested parties are invited to contact one of the professionals at Buymoney.sevices. The company has been in business for over 25 years and their professionals can answer any questions about this Emergency Cash Service for small businesses.

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