Green Unicorn Farms Launching Premium Hemp Flower Shop Online

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( — December 31, 2019) — San Rafael, CA — Green Unicorn Farms is a premium hemp flower shop dedicated to sourcing and supplying the cleanest, richest, most aromatic and flavorful hemp strains and pre-rolls. They curate the most premium flower available in the U.S. from the most experienced indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivators.

San Rafael, CA – As the popularity of CBD continues to explode in the US, more people are interested in being able to smoke their CBD to benefit from almost instantaneous effects, and enjoy a more quality user experience. However, in some states, consumers can face difficulties in locating clean, quality CBD flowers. To remedy this, Green Unicorn Farms, a California based hemp curator, is pleased to announce the launch of its online premium hemp flower shop.

Green Unicorn Farms is dedicated to providing its customers with the most premium hemp flower available – which is why they’re dubbed the “Green Unicorns” of the hemp industry. Rich cannabinoid content combined with vivid terpene profiles offers a more effective and quality user experience, while third-party lab testing helps ensure safe, clean and reliable products. Their products are ideal for those looking for alternatives to standard CBD products.

Smokable hemp allows users to take full advantage of the benefits of CBD along with other naturally occurring compounds in the plant, “as nature intended”. Their new online store features a variety of premium flowers that have been cultivated in different growing environments to provide customers with a choice of the best indoor, greenhouse, and sun-grown flower.

They only share what they believe is worth smoking and all of their products are accompanied by lab results that provide the buyer with the exact amounts of cannabinoids in each strain. Customers can filter and purchase the flower based on their desired CBD levels, terpenes and aromatics, growing environments, and whether they want pre-rolls or bagged-up flower.

With the unveiling of its new online store, the company is looking to expand beyond California. They also plan to update their stock regularly, to offer a wider selection of premium hemp flower curated from only the best hemp farmers in the U.S. They work carefully to ensure that every single flower strain contains minimal amounts of THC to comply with state and federal regulations.

Green Unicorn Farms currently offers around 10 strains with distinct qualities. Each has a unique aroma and flavor profile, which comes as a result of the genetics, terpene profile and growing conditions of each strain. The new online shop also features a gallery showcasing photos of the different strains, so consumers can preview the flowers’ quality before purchasing.

Carefully handled and packaged, Green Unicorn Farms ensures that all their products arrive with the customer in great condition. To purchase pre-rolls, premium flowers, or to find out more information, interested parties can visit their website today.