Pemberton British Columbia Google Search Marketing Expert Ebook Launched

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( — January 7, 2020) — An eBook has been launched by a Pemberton, British Columbia Google search expert Jim McKellar. The ebook called ‘Be On The Top 3’ helps businesses reach the top 3 results of a Google search and attract more new clients.

British Columbia business Be On The Top 3, has launched an eBook titled ‘Be On The Top on Google’. It is an easy to use how-to manual for businesses who want more new clients and increased profit margins.

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Jim McKellar is a retired medical design engineer, and the ‘brains’ behind Be On The Top 3, and they have been very successful with their guarantee to assist businesses to reach and maintain Google’s top 3 search results.

As a retired medical design engineer, Jim was responsible for designing and rebuilding several emergency medical manufacturing facilities, leading to greatly increased profit margins. With the launch of this eBook, which is available at no cost, businesses are provided with step-by-step instructions on how to be found on the top 3 results on Google Maps and other Google searches.

Based on the assertion that when people search online they usually do not look further than Google’s top 3 search results, the 50-page eBook provides detailed information about how businesses can benefit by ensuring they are on the top 3.

Be On The Top 3 also offer a guarantee to their own clients. If they do not put a business in Google’s top 3 search results, that business will receive a full refund.

Jim McKellar points out that a business is actually missing the opportunity to gain new clients if they are not found on Google’s top 3 search results for their kind of business, because searching online is a common way for people to find a local business.

Without being on the top 3 of a business search result, the majority of potential new clients are not being attracted and are missed, with customers potentially finding and choosing another local business that is their competitor on the top 3 results.

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