Diversify Retirement Portfolio Gold and Crypto 2020 Investments Buzz Launches

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(Newswire.net — January 15, 2020) — The Investments Buzz, an investment support group, launched a 2020 retirement portfolio recommendations report that helps investors diversify investments and spread risk.

Investments Buzz, a retirement portfolio support group, has launched it’s 2020 retirement portfolio recommendations report. Aptly named ‘Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio And Invest In Precious Metals And Crypto For A Great Potential Return,’ the report suggests that with a fragile global economy – rising household debt and increasing student loans and bank instability – that diversification is the key to increase financial stability and future investment success.

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Recently launched, the Investments Buzz 2020 retirement portfolio report recommends investing in precious metals and cryptocurrency. These forms of investment have a higher return, according to the report, and they have outperformed other asset forms, especially during financial downturn.

Statistically speaking, the Investments Buzz report indicates that gold rose between 1 to 7.5 percent in value during 1987 Black Monday, the 1990 Iraq-Kuwait War, 2001 Dot Com Crash, and the 2008 Financial Crisis. However, stock market investments declined by between 22.5 and 38.9 percent over the same periods. According to the Royal Mint, “Gold is recognized worldwide as being the ultimate means of trading and storing wealth.”

Cryptocurrencies have also risen in value, says the report. For instance, a 10k portfolio invested in Ethereum in 2016 in the US S&P 500 stocks would have been worth 12K by 2017. However, an investment of 10K in Bitcoin in 2016 would have been worth 60K over the same duration.

The report goes on to stress that by diversifying a portfolio, investors protect their assets by spreading the risk, and save-guarding against market rises and falls. Investments Buzz also recommend Regal Asset as the number one metals and crypto firm due to the company having an outstanding reputation.

Investments Buzz is an investment support group that strives to deliver up-to-date portfolio recommendations. However, the company are not financial advisors; therefore, they recommend gaining professional financial advice before investing.

When asked about Investments Buzz, a company representative said, “Wise investors will do their due diligence before investing because with care they will find the right investments for them, their budgets, and their future goals. Also, when considering adding stocks and shares to a portfolio, it’s important to have a mixture of investments as this spreads the risk over several areas so if one form of investment performs poorly, the others cover its losses.”

To find out more about Investments Buzz and their 2020 retirement portfolio recommendations report, click on the link above. Site visitors can expect to learn more about strengthening their investment portfolio and the potential of gold and crypto investment.