Oral Dental Implant Maxillofacial Reconstruction Non-Surgical Facelift Launched

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(Newswire.net — January 7, 2020) — Those wanting to erase signs of aging in Washington, Dr. Farzaneh Rostami, highly acclaimed for clinical aptitude, has launched a relatively painless laser non-surgical cosmetic facelift.

Farzaneh Rostami, an adjunct faculty member at the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, has launched a non-surgical facelift. Both an oral dental implant and maxillofacial reconstruction surgeon, Frazaneh Rostami now performs non-surgical laser cosmetic procedures in her office at the Capital Oral and Facial Surgery Center and will introduce the Candela Profound laser in a specialist cosmetic service early in 2020.

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Just launched, the laser non-surgical facelift reveals a more youthful appearance. Rejuvenating the contours of the face and removing years of wrinkles, this treatment improves the jawline, brow, and chin, as well as cheeks.

The laser non-surgical facelift redefines and restores facial beauty by erasing fine lines and wrinkles using laser technology. The procedure is quick, effective and relatively painless.

The Candela Profound laser cosmetic service available in early 2020 helps to encourage collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, three key elements that diminish as men and women age. The Profound system uses radiofrequency that erases wrinkles long-term and is a clinically-proven , non-surgical skin rejuvenation program that is a single-treatment procedure requiring less expense and downtime.

Ideal for both men and women, the laser non-surgical facelift and Candela Profound laser cosmetic service is perfect for patients who don’t want a full facelift or invasive surgery. This form of non-surgical facelift creates a natural look with minimal effort. Treatments times and procedures vary depending on the area of the face.

During discussions about the new laser treatment, Dr. Rostami said, “I’m thrilled to be able to introduce this new form of treatment to my patients. I look forward to caring for the needs of my patients and helping them to achieve the results that they seek.”

The Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center have highly trained staff that deliver quality care. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that any visit is as pleasant as possible.

When asked about the work that Dr. Farazaneh Rostami does, patients said, “I am very impressed with the doctor’s knowledge. Dr. Rostami and her staff were wonderful and made the procedure significantly easier than anticipated. Great experience. Very professional and I felt no pain at all.”

To find out more about Dr. Farzaneh Rostami, DDS, and the non-surgical laser facelift and soon-to-be introduced Candela Profound laser cosmetic service, call 202 296 6600 or click on the link above. Website visitors will learn about Dr. Farazaneh Rostami’s professional background, partnership with general dentists, and emergency cases. More about the Virginia Commonwealth University Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery medical center is at https://oralmaxillofacialsurgery.vcu.edu/about/faculty.