Natural Eco-Friendly Baby Products Organic Newborn Gifts Store Launched

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( — January 8, 2020) — Eco Totz, a natural eco-friendly baby products and organic newborn gifts store has been launched to cater to parents looking for sustainable green baby products. The store features apparel, accessories, toys, and organic newborn gifts.

Natural eco-friendly baby products and organic newborn gifts store Eco Totz announced the launch of its online store. The store features environmentally responsible and sustainable toys, wipes, bath and feeding accessories, fashion, and grooming products.

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Eco Totz has launched its eco-friendly baby products store for parents who want to make responsible and sustainable choices for their children and the planet. The sustainable baby products store features washable cotton blend diapers, muslin baby swaddles, biodegradable wipes, and wooden brushes.

The organic baby toy store also showcased its line of BPA-free teethers, baby slings, bathtubs, wooden puzzle toys, bibs, and dinnerware. Eco Totz products are designed for safety and minimal to zero environmental impact. The store features eco-friendly baby products on a budget, healthy recipes, activities, and ebook downloads.

Parents and caregivers can find a wide range of safe children’s products and naturally sourced organic newborn gifts at affordable prices. The store also has products for mothers such as non-toxic baby handprint kits, detox foot patches, organic bath bombs, and 3D mold kits.

Eco Totz features seasonal and regular discounts on in-demand and rare sustainable products. The store’s bestselling products include reusable and disposable eco-friendly diapers and biodegradable wipes.

According to a spokesperson for the eco-friendly toddler toy store, “Our mission is to provide quality, safe and eco-friendly baby products at a fair price while doing our part to safeguard the local environment. That’s why a portion of each purchase goes toward maintaining a clean and healthy environment.”

Eco Totz is an eco-friendly online store for newborns, infants, and toddlers that stocks products that are free from environmental toxins. The family-operated sustainable toddler products store supports environmental wellbeing programs.

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