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( — January 8, 2020) — A new guide to Dream Life Mastery has been launched by The Purpose Pixie. It covers the new course created by Dr S. Jones and shows how anyone can find purpose and meaning to master their life.

A new guide has been launched by The Passion Pixie, covering the Dream Life Mastery course for finding passion and purpose. The course is run by Dr Steve Jones, and is an online program designed to help people transform and master their lives.

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The newly launched guide explains that finding meaning in life is important. Meaning and purpose is the driving force behind achieving goals and ensuring high levels of productivity.

Readers will learn that living with meaning will propel them through life feeling full and alive as they master their life. However, for many people, it can be hard to know how to begin on the journey to meaning.

The guide from The Passion Pixie explains that as people get more busy, many things that provide meaning get lost. As people get older, it’s important to hone in on the meaning of life and it becomes more important than ever.

Dream Life Mastery was created to help people change their life. It is an online course focusing on helping more people to unlock their passion, purpose and meaning.

It is a unique system that helps people to uncover their true purpose. It can also work as a step by step roadmap for creating a life that people love.

Participants will be able to access learning online and with MP4 files and PDFs that can be downloaded on to their phone, tablet or computer.

The new course shows five universal laws of miracle making, and how they can be harnessed to bring about positive change.

In addition to this, it covers 3 habits that can launch people out of their comfort zone and into their most successful ever decade.

The new guide states: “Each of the modules focus on the most important areas that people want to improve. These include self-hypnosis tracks that help to re-wire mindset.”

Participants will learn how to tap into long-term success and perpetual wealth.

Full details can be found on the The Purpose Pixie.