Leading European Luxury Alkaline Gold Mineral Water Now Available In The USA

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(Newswire.net — January 9, 2020) — Award-winning Romanian water company Aur’a announced that its luxury gold and silver-enriched Alkaline (or Natural) Water is now available in the US.

Aur’a has taken an important step towards making its award-winning mineral water available to as many consumers as possible by introducing it into the US market. Enriched with gold and silver nanoparticles and featuring an optimized alkaline pH, the water is ideal for daily consumption and offers a series of important health benefits.

More details can be found at https://goldalkalinewater.com.

The recent announcement comes in response to the increased demand for Aur’a’s high-quality alkaline water among US consumers. After winning several international awards in Europe, the company’s natural next step was to introduce its luxury water range into the United States as well.

Aur’a’s water has an alkaline pH of 8.25, making it ideal for those looking to neutralize excessive stomach acidity caused by stress, pollution, processed foods and other factors.

In addition to improving the body’s chemical balance, Aur’a Gold Water also contributes to an optimal immune function and enhances nutrient assimilation.

With the introduction of its Gold Water into the US, Aur’a brings one of the world’s most appreciated gold and silver-enriched water – to both private consumers and health industry companies. The Gold Water is naturally enhanced with colloidal gold and silver, which improves both its hydration properties and overall purity.

Aur’a is a four-time winner of the Crystal Quality and Taste Award by the International Quality and Taste Institute in Brussels.

Also known as “The Wonder Water of Romania”, Aur’a has been the water of choice for leading international corporate and public summits.

“Once in a blue moon I get lucky enough to discover a unique health tonic that is not only insanely hydrating and refreshing, but it takes you by the hand and leads you into the dream world of our collective past”, said Ms. Hristiyana E. Ralinova, Assistant General Manager at Canopy by Hilton. “Aur’a Natural Gold Water gushes out from the deepest corners of the earth and reaches the surface carrying the most precious gifts of all: gold and silver nanoparticles. We are lucky and proud to share this unique experience with our most valued guests of Canopy by Hilton.”

The introduction of Aur’a water into the US has also been welcomed by Ms. Ceyda Acun, MD, Assistant Professor at New York’s Mount Sinai General Pediatrics Faculty Practice. Ms. Acun said: “Although I was previously introduced to Aur’a during a medical conference abroad, I am glad to see the American people finally having access to such an extraordinary water with a unique balance of minerals and colloidal gold and silver. I invite you to discover this wonder water whose value you see on the outside and feel on the inside.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.