The UK’s Fastest-Growing Sectors at the Start of 2020

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( — January 9, 2020) — The race for sector supremacy in the Twenties has begun. Well, it never really stops, in reality – but there’s no doubt that it feels exciting to be launching into the business world of a new decade nonetheless. Who’s already making gains on the rest as our calendars and clocks strike 2020?

Transport and logistics on the move

While freight awaits the fallout of Brexit, transport and logistics as a whole continues to thrive. According to Love Energy Savings, the North West, in particular, is the place to be (on the move) for T&L companies, with 24% more such businesses than in London

It’s not just in equipment, vehicles and fleets, either – in fact, the biggest opportunity for new jobs in the sector comes in data analysis. As technology continues to permeate even longstanding sectors of business, the opportunities within T&L are astounding.

Digital advertising and marketing

It makes perfect sense for ad, design and marketing agencies to be in the mix. As companies all over the UK aspire to make their mark in the online world, they require support and guidance from those who operate in it every day.

The number of agencies has continued to rise, year on year, for some time now, as freelancers and small teams alike stamp their mark on the digital advertising world. Serviced offices in the City of London from BE Offices are proving especially popular with agencies that demand attractive locations in the capital.


Depending on what you’ve been reading in the last few months, you’ll either be expecting a massive surge or a disastrous crumble in the UK construction sector. The actual expected outcome, however, is a steady rise – which still makes it one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK.

PBC Today anticipates 2% growth early in 2020, with a further 5% growth by the end of the year and into 2021. This is perhaps an unexpectedly bright outlook for the sector, considering the doom and gloom that has occasionally been forecast since the UK voted to leave the European Union.


In line with government targets of reaching a higher portion of renewable and sustainable energy sources, this sector is undoubtedly one to watch in 2020. Green energy will become more and more prominent the further into the ’20s we go, and jobs in the procurement, management and delivery of energy will prosper.

There are already more renewable energy companies in the UK than at any time before – and, with research constantly engaged with new ways to make homes and businesses more sustainable, we can also expect these numbers to increase.


Another sector that was at one point expected to disappear from the UK altogether is still going strong. Fintech is gathering up web development, programming and finance experts from the job market and tasking them to drive the financial sector in London. 

The capital has been cited as the second most popular destination in the financial world, after only New York, and is still attracting talent and large, progressive businesses to the city. The expected growth of fintech by 2021, from 2018, is expected to be near enough 100% – almost doubling its the sector’s size in just three short years.