Cromweld Steps Up for 2020 with Notable Changes

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( — January 10, 2020) — Los Angeles, CA — Launched in 2016 by Gregory Sanders, Cromweld is a blog devoted to welding. It covers everything from equipment reviews to how-to articles and career advice for professional welders.

Los Angeles, CA—As Cromweld moves into the new decade, the popular welding blog anticipates a successful upcoming year. In preparation, they have begun to implement a variety of changes in the business. They are hoping that some of these changes spark growth in 2020.

Since it first launched in 2016, professional welder and founder Gregory Sanders has developed the blog into a beloved resource. Sanders has been working in the industry for over 25 years. He created Cromweld with the intention of helping others learn how to weld.

Changes to the administrative team have been some of the most significant areas where Sanders has focused his efforts for 2020. Before this year, Sanders operated the project primarily on his own. During the last few months of 2019, he hired two additional professionals to help him run the website. The past year also saw the opening of a new physical location for Cromweld in Los Angeles. These changes have become possible in light of the blog’s increased popularity and traffic.

Sanders notes that the extra hands have helped him manage the website more efficiently. The additional help allows the team to produce better content for the many readers who visit the site every week. If the site continues to grow in the new year, Sanders may expand his staff again. Although Sanders has the additional team members, he still prides himself on overseeing all published content for the site.

During the new year, Sanders also renewed his commitment to publishing only the highest-quality content. Over the last few years, the blog has built a loyal reader base. They have come to expect well-written and well-researched articles on the site. Sanders and the team make sure to brush up on their skills and knowledge to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in the industry. They also monitor the blog’s content regularly to make sure it remains relevant.

Besides publishing tips and advice on career paths in the industry, Cromweld provides reviews and buyers guides on welding equipment. The blog covers a wide variety of equipment types. Their content gives readers a well-rounded perspective. The team plans to test and read up on new equipment as it comes out in 2020. Readers can expect to stay updated on the biggest trends and products of the new year.

For parties interested in learning more about Cromweld and their plans to revitalize the site in 2020 for version 3.0, additional information is available on their website.