Multiple Studies Suggest Folic Acid Protects and Enhances Heart Health

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( — January 17, 2020) Orlando, FL — Scientists continue to carry out studies to explore more of the ways to enhance and protect heart health. It is important to realize that in multiple research studies, it has been found a nutrient called folic acid may be helpful.

According to researchers, high-dose folic acid intake could work wonders in decreasing homocysteine levels. It is worth keeping in mind that elevated concentrations of homocysteine in the blood are associated with an increased odds of hardening of the arteries and heart disease. 

Due to folic acid’s ability to reduce homocysteine, it helps promote cardiovascular health. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it could also work wonders in enhancing vascular function in individuals with coronary artery disease.

It is further worth noting that supplementation of folic acid may aid in enhancing arterial elasticity, and this has been found helpful in decreasing heart attack risk.

A study was published in the Atherosclerosis, which is a prestigious journal.

In this research, it has been found that daily intake of folic acid decreased the hardening of the arteries. This is significantly helpful in fighting the onset of a cardiovascular condition called atherosclerosis.

Another study was carried out and published in the Clinical Nutrition journal.

In this research, it has been shown the use of folic acid reduced stroke risk by 12 percent. This too has been found due to the vitamin’s ability to reduce levels of homocysteine in the blood as well as the artery wall thickening.

On top of these, a Chinese study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has shown that folic acid intake benefited a certain subgroup of individuals with hypertension. 

It is worth realizing that hypertension is one of the risk factors of heart disease.

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