A Guide to the Tools Used for Psychic Readings

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(Newswire.net — January 10, 2020) — A psychic reading will focus on finding out information by using heightened perceptive powers or through basic human senses like touch, sound, taste, and instinct. The natural extensions of basic human senses are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. You will see that most psychics will use specific tools for connecting with the material plane and astral plane. There will be professionals who are well-versed with many mediums, while there are some psychics who prefer using a single tool that they feel can articulate their voice most clearly.

What tools are used by psychics for their readings?

The truth is that every tool used by the psychics has its limitations. For instance, you cannot expect to get details from a tarot card that you can get from an astrology chart. While both can arrive at the same conclusions the insights and details will be different. To gain an experience try Psychic Guild free reading that is rendered by experts in the field of psychic readings.

To predict the future a psychic will need a divination tool; every tool will have strengths and weaknesses but an experienced psychic is usually able to overcome these shortcomings. The tool really works like a bridge between the existing reality and the one that is to come, and just like any bridge, it cannot hold heavy traffic at all times. Below is given a list of the tools that psychics are known to use for their readings:

  1. Astrology will offer calculations based upon the exact positioning of the planets, moon, and the Sun. However, unless you know the exact birth time, none of these calculations is going to work.

  2. Tarot card spreads will juxtapose various situations so as to show the complexities of our daily lives. Some tarot card decks have inconsistent numbering and there are psychic clues hidden in the pictures that may not be included in each deck. So, you will find psychics who know a certain deck but cannot read alternate images on different decks equally well.

  3. The crystal ball offers crisp visuals to a psychic that are believed to be accurate images of the subject’s future. However, there are psychics who cannot describe what they are seeing.

  4. Druidic runes or the mystical alphabet will help to see the “big picture” since they relate to the inner psyche. But interpreting runes can prove to be a challenge for the novice psychics. The ancient, minimal markings will have to be analyzed by a capable third eye.

  5. Feng Shui will help you to build a harmonious environment both at home and work so that you can enjoy success in both love and work. But, if you do not have any say over your office or home environment, you will not be able to restructure things to make them comply with Feng Shui principles.

  6. Palmistry can help the psychic analyze your palm lines to predict the future. You should keep visiting the palm reader from time to time because there may be subtle shifts in your lines that indicate shifts in your future too. The biggest drawback of this tool is that it can only be done by the palm reader in person; you cannot perform it digitally because hand scans will never capture the skin texture or malleability which is imperative for a proper reading.

  7. Tealeaf reading or tasseography is practiced by psychics who can identify symbols and interpret messages that are hidden in tea leaf shapes and configurations. Tasseography can be an easy way to exercise your intuitions and is far less-structured than tarot card reading. However, the drawback of this tool is that it is quite difficult to find tealeaves that have been cut like the ancient techniques to suit illustrative purposes.