These 6 Companies Go Above and Beyond for Good Causes – Here’s How

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( — January 15, 2020) —

A growing pile of evidence indicates that corporate philanthropy really does pay. According to a Fortune report, companies that give back are more successful. Which begs the question: Is your company doing enough to keep pace with its most generous competitors?

If not, perhaps you could learn a thing or two from organizations with well-earned reputations for generosity — like these six.

1. Walmart

As one of the world’s largest private companies, and the largest private employer in the United States to boot, Walmart’s generosity has a massive impact on the communities its stores serve. The Walmart Foundation is doubling down on its vision of creating a more sustainable and just world where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, from entry-level store associates to its corporate leadership team.

2. NexBank

Dallas-based NexBank is a major supporter of innovative initiatives in and around its North Texas home. Charter education is a top priority for the company’s leadership team, and its investments in forward-thinking schools are clearly bearing fruit.

3. AT&T

Another North Texas company with a big heart is AT&T, the global telecommunications giant. Like NexBank, AT&T is a big supporter of educational initiatives, with a focus on both public and private education. It’s heartening to see that one of the companies most responsible for knitting together our interconnected world is making a real investment in its future.

4. Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences might not be a household name, but there’s a good chance you or someone you love benefits from one of its medications. That lifesaving mission pairs with a devotion to lifting up underserved communities and improving supply chain sustainability — notable goals for a company whose profit-driven mission is also a force for good.

5. Coca-Cola 

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and its eponymous foundation pledge to give back 1% of the company’s annual operating income each year. For a company with billions in revenue, that’s a major chunk of change that has the power to transform lives around the world. Coca-Cola’s philanthropic efforts are too broad to sum up here; one example is work to improve sustainable clean water delivery around the world.

6. Target

Target, another retail giant, is a major supporter of the United Way and Feeding America, two nationwide charities with stellar reputations. Its employees devote countless hours to local voluntarism as well, broadening the company’s reach deep into the communities its stores serve.

Do Right By Your Community

The act of giving back is certainly important to an organization’s overall approach to philanthropy. On its own, however, it’s not enough. True corporate philanthropy requires a systemic approach, and very often a culture shift that begins at the very top.

Needless to say, that sort of culture shift doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s well within your organization’s power to achieve. Above all else, you and the rest of your leadership team must remember who you’re working for: the least fortunate members of your community. Do right by them.