Experts Show Some Tricks Fight Cognitive Health Issues in Aging

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( — January 23, 2020) Orlando, FL — Health authorities have long been stressing the importance of taking better care of cognitive health, especially among individuals who are undergoing the aging process.

According to experts, there are environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors found to influence cognitive health. It is important to remember that some of these factors may contribute to a decline in one’s ability to perform daily tasks and thinking skills.

Some of these factors are health issues like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. It may also include brain injuries, use of certain medications, poor diet, lack of physical activity, smoking, and consumption of too much alcohol. 

It has been found that alcohol affects the brain due to its ability to slow or impair communication among brain cells.

Numerous studies have found a link in between diet and brain health. Researchers suggest that certain types of food can increase the health risk. It could even result in fuzzy memory, slurred speech, drowsiness, and dizziness.

For instance, intake of high-sodium, high-fat foods can result in health issues that are harmful to the brain. These include diabetes and heart disease. 

There are natural anti-aging ingredients that consumers can turn to and one is activated charcoal. According to researchers, activated charcoal has a highly porous surface that makes it a highly adsorbent ingredient.

In some studies, activated charcoal has demonstrated its ability to aid in preventing cellular damage to the liver and kidneys. It has also been able to offer support for healthy adrenal glands. 

Experts say that activated charcoal slows the rate of the brain’s sensitivity to toxins as the body ages. This means that it also helps in achieving better cognitive functioning.

It is worth realizing that the use of activated charcoal has long been associated with various health benefits. As a matter of fact, it has long been used in cases of food poisoning and digestive health issues. 

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