Experts Reveal the Importance of Molecular Distillation in Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

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( — January 24, 2020) Orlando, FL — There are many natural ingredients available today that are widely believed to be helpful for overall health, such as fish oil. While this is a popular natural ingredient, not many people know how to choose the right supplement. 

Experts reveal the importance of molecular distillation in omega-3 fish oil supplements. Today, there are many fish oil supplements availabl. In order for consumers to get their money’s worth and take advantage of the possible effects fish oil may offer, they need to choose the right product. 

These healthy fats are believed to be highly therapeutic, but they cannot be produced naturally by the human body. Thus, they need to be consumed through food sources or supplementation. 

“Some of the food sources of omega-3 fatty acids are salmon, tuna, sardines, and cod,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.  

There are many potential health benefits associated with the use of fish oil, such as natural alternative option for depression, muscular inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases.  

Molecular distillation is a process that many reputable herbal supplement manufacturers use to produce high-quality fish oil supplements. This process works by removing toxins, heavy metals, and dangerous environmental pollutants from fish oil.

There have been claims that many commercially-available fish contain high levels of environmental pollutants. When constantly exposed to these dangerous toxins, it can be detrimental to overall health. 

One of these metals is mercury, but there are actually many toxins that are naturally present in fish. This distillation process reduces or eliminates the amounts of environmental toxins which creates safer and potentially more therapeutic fish oil supplements.  

In addition to the molecular distillation process, it can also be helpful to choose fish oil supplements with enteric-coated capsules. Enteric coating works by reducing the fishy aftertaste, which is quite common in fish oil supplement products.

The enteric coating makes the administration of fish oil supplements easier. Experts recommend an intake of omega-3 fats with meals. This is due to the fact that food can help in absorption and in preventing reflux. 

There are many individuals who prefer to consume fish oil supplements versus consumption of omega-3s through food sources. Supplements are thought to contain high levels of omega-3 fats, and they are thought to be more beneficial.

Individuals who suffer from certain conditions such as cardiovascular problems and arthritis often utilize fish oil supplements. There are those who claim this natural alternative has helped improve their symptoms and their overall condition.(

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