How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church

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( — January 17, 2020) — Congratulations on your wedding ceremony! It is not easy to bring everything together and make your day a success. However, before you can put everything behind your back, there is one more hurdle you have to cross. It is how long your ceremony should take. Actually, the question you should be asking is: how long is a wedding ceremony in a church? In truth, it is not possible to precisely determine the time but you can have clues on how to manage your time. 

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church – What is the normal time for a wedding ceremony?

Well, if you are planning your wedding and wondering how long the ceremony should take, this is the post for you. It will give you time estimates and what should be done. Stop the guesswork and read this to the end. 

Average timeline for a wedding ceremony.

Expert wedding coordinators say the timeline for a wedding ceremony is not cast on stone. Yours can be longer or shorter than the average time. Typically, ceremonies take anything around 20 minutes to half an hour. That is adequate time to cover the common elements in any ceremony. However, there are those who include more elements and end up taking an hour or longer. If you intend to take a shorter time, you better filter the elements and include only what is necessary. 

Religious wedding ceremony.

Religious ceremonies tend to follow the same path. It is easier to estimate how long they are going to take. For instance all Jewish marriage ceremonies have the same elements. The same is for Christian ceremonies. In fact, you have more control over how long each session takes. You can decide for it to be shorter by excluding some items. On the other hand, you can make it longer by introducing new elements. For instance, you can add scripture reading or invite a friend to give a speech. 

Secular wedding ceremony.

A secular ceremony gives you all the control of how long it is going to take. You can decide to be pronounced couple and head home to prepare for your honeymoon. You can add or deduct elements as you deem necessary. If you are not sure of the items to include, your marriage official should help you with them. However, you should be part of the planning so that you can pick and leave any components. 

Planning for the time.

Start by determining how much time you will have. Create a plan and allocate each item its time. You can do a rehearsal to estimate the time for each element. It is also advisable to work with a wedding day coordinator to help identify things you should or should not include. If you want to spend as little as possible, you can leave out some items depending on the kind of a wedding ceremony you are doing. 

How long is a wedding ceremony in a church will depend on the items you are including. A religious ceremony may not give you a lot of control of what is done. On the flip side, a secular ceremony puts you in charge of everything. Choose the kind of ceremony you want and work on a suitable timeline. To ensure everything goes the way you would like it to consider a full service wedding coordinator as it comes with many benefits.