How Home Security Cameras Have Evolved

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( — January 22, 2020) — Security cameras have been used since the 1940s, but over the years they have changed significantly. As technology has evolved, home security has been completely transformed.

For many people, a security camera system is an essential part of their home safety management, but they are not all created equally. Before purchasing, do your research on functionality and style to ensure you have the right model for your needs.

Now is the perfect time to invest in home security as the features are better than ever before.

Better Looking

You may be putting off installing a home security system because of its looks, but cameras can now be a sleek addition to your property. Slimmer models are now available, and some brands will even give you the option of black or white, and square or round edges. With more options, you can find a solution that matches your decor.

4K Technology

HD 1080P is slowly being replaced by 4K Ultra HD resolution in some security camera systems. With a clearer picture on screens of all sizes, this technology will make a real difference as clarity and low-light vision are significantly enhanced. 4K simply means 4000 pixels, and when you compare this to HD and its 1080 pixels, it is almost four times more powerful.

Despite the exceptional vision that could help identify a potential intruder, these systems compress the recordings to ensure the file size is not too big. The speed will never be affected making this an excellent choice.

Color Night Vision

Older cameras often have grainy footage at night, but Color Night Vision is changing this. You can now capture movement at any time, with useable imagery that is always clear. A tattoo, facial hair or other unique markings could be the evidence you need, and Color Night Vision could help to spot these details.

The contrast will be improved and even the color of a car or clothing could be detected. Say goodbye to black and white, blurry footage and choose a security camera system with Color Night Vision.

Monitoring Anywhere

A good security camera system will come with monitoring anytime, anywhere. You can now access your cameras through an app on your smartphone or tablet, which will give you peace of mind when you are away. Motion-activated push notifications will alert you of any unusual activity allowing you to quickly take action if you need to. Be connected to your home even while you are at work with this innovative new technology.

Home security has evolved over time, and cameras now have the technology to give you crystal-clear vision both day and night. Premium brands will be able to offer you a choice of colors and styles, and newer models will feature 4K HD resolution. Monitor any activities from anywhere in the world, with convenient push notifications. If you have an older model, it may be time for an upgrade because clearer pictures mean any intruders will more likely be recognized and caught.