No-Obligation Capital for Startups and Entrepreneurs Funding Service Launched

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( — January 25, 2020) — A new capital funding service for businesses has been launched by Fundwise Capital. They help small businesses and startups to secure they money they need to grow and achieve their goals.

A new funding campaign service has been launched by Fundwise to help more businesses and startups to achieve their growth goals. Fundwise Capital helps startups and small business owners to find the best funding deals to suit their needs and bring their project ideas to fruition.

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The site explains that with the new Fundwise Capital service, business owners can take the guesswork out of funding. This helps them to establish a more secure route to a better future.

Businesses can get up to $500,000 in working capital, and applying doesn’t affect their credit score. What’s more, with the newly launched service, there is no obligation to accept the funding in question.

The team at Fundwise Capital know that for small business owners, getting funding can be difficult and stressful. It’s also usually a complicated process.

That’s why they set out to streamline the funding process. With their new service, business owners don’t have to question whether their application will work or whether they will get their money through on time.

With Fundwise Capital, a business can get their funding in as little as 7 days so they can reach their financing needs quickly.

In addition to this, businesses can work with a senior funding advisor to ensure their application succeeds.

Other benefits to the process include a data driven algorithm to strategize the application and ensure it stands the best chance of success.

Unlike other service providers, with Fundwise, a loan marketplace will compete against others to offer the best terms. This helps to ensure that clients get the best deal for their unique situation.

Startups are able to receive more funding than they could anywhere else, thanks to the specially designed application process. They can also receive better rates and higher funding amounts because of the nature of the competitive marketplace.

Full details of the newly launched service can be found on the URL above.