USA Omnipresence Technology Content Marketing Online Business Program Launched

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( — January 24, 2020) — A marketing program for businesses using the Be Everywhere Omnipresence Technology Platform has been developed and launched by US company FM Promotions for selected and qualified business clients.

A new digital marketing technology program that promotes greater exposure for businesses, assisting to increase customer traffic and improve returns on investments, was launched by US company FM Promotions. Known in short as ‘Omnipresence Technology’, this powerful tool assists in progressing business sales and web presence without advertising or social media ads.

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Baring the longer version of the name, with the launch of the ‘Be Everywhere Omnipresence Technology Platform’, businesses are contacted by invitation on a one-to-one basis and assessed according to their merit and ability to offer quality services. Technicians from FM Promotions carefully select and qualify businesses to participate in the program.

The Omnipresence Technology system has been used and tested worldwide for over 10 years and it has produced unexpectedly positive results for all types of businesses, according to FM Promotions.

Once accepted into this program, experts determine the kind of data and other changes that would advance the business and make them stand out. After all the details are agreed upon FM Promotions engineers and technicians apply the Omnipresence Technology as part of the process of creating and executing a custom marketing plan for the business.

A cost-free demonstration of the custom plan creation can be requested directly from the website. With the launch of Omnipresence, FM Promotions’ highly qualified team work around the clock with businesses to achieve results and expand geographical reach, whilst providing progress reports along the way.

A spokesperson from FM Promotions stated that a “New online business structure that forces Google to send more clients and build brand recognition, increased traffic and sales, along with increased authority and reputation, are the results we get for clients with the Omnipresence Technology program we have launched.”

FM Promotions do not promote using traditional advertising or pay per click social media ads. Omnipresence is used so that what a business does, their location and services are amplified with content spreading methods. The proprietary methods spread the news about the business beyond their local area.

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