Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Housing Market Predictions Website Launched

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( — January 24, 2020) — Fort Lauderdale, FL — Florida Housing Wire has launched a Fort Lauderdale real estate housing market predictions website. The website features useful information for buyers, sellers, and investors in the South Florida real estate market, highlighting Florida as an attractive investment destination in 2020.

Florida Housing Wire announced the launch of its Fort Lauderdale real estate housing market predictions website. The site features an overview of current real estate trends in South Florida and highlights the region’s strong residential real estate market in 2020.

More information about Florida Housing Wire is available on the new website

Florida Housing Wire has launched the 2020 Fort Lauderdale housing market predictions to help homeowners, homebuyers, and investors make smart choices.

The website highlights growing buyer demand and the lack of house listings in South Florida’s residential real estate market. Mid-to-late 2019 trends indicate that despite a 5 percent increase in prices, home sales have increased by 11 percent.

The Fort Lauderdale housing market portal showcases a steady increase in median home prices. Florida Housing Wire forecasts a median property price of $336,500, a per-square-foot price of $257. Traditional monthly rental incomes in the region are expected to hold at $2,150 with Airbnb monthly rentals expected to be slightly higher at $2,763.

The South Florida rental market is also expected to enjoy a strong year-round performance. The region is expected to see significant growth in investment in Fort Lauderdale waterfront properties with mortgage rates at a 2-year low and no State income tax. Florida Housing Wire documents Florida’s rapid population growth—third highest in the country—and a strong employment market.

According to a spokesperson for Florida Housing Wire, “We are delighted to showcase Fort Lauderdale’s resurgent real estate market on our new website. Projects such as the New Las Olas Marina Development and the increase in employable and retired populations bodes well for the local real estate market.”

Florida Housing Wire is a real estate resource portal for housing news and industry trends in traditional and emerging South Florida markets.

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