Transdermal HGH Gel Human Growth Hormone Product Information Website Launched

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( — January 27, 2020) — Spearfish, SD — Seaman Dan launches a webpage featuring information on the health benefits of transdermal HGH product SomaDerm®. It also contains reports by physicians and health professionals.

Based in Spearfish, South Dakota, Seaman Dan launches an online resource featuring detailed information and several reports from doctors and chiropractors for transdermal HGH product SomaDerm®.

The website can be accessed at:

The newly launched online page features extensive information on the potential health benefits of SomaDerm®, as well as videos, audio recordings, and written accounts all attesting to the effectivity of the product. The health professionals come from various specialities, such as internal medicine, functional medicine, OB gynecology, robotic oncology, regenerative medicine, and many others.

A New U Life® product, SomaDerm® is a powerful and innovative human growth hormone (HGH) gel that is applied transdermally. Safe for use for both men and women above 18 years old, the product is said to offer various potential health benefits, including improved bone and joint health, increased muscle, reduced fat, enhanced sleep, healthier skin, heightened libido, and balanced blood sugar levels.

For physicians and chiropractors, SomaDerm® represents a possible additional revenue stream. The product does not require a prescription and can be distributed by any health professional. There are currently over 1,000 doctors and chiropractors who are selling the products at their practices.

OB/GYN Dr. Cynthia Hall has this to say about the product: “In addition to a healthy lifestyle, SomaDerm® has made my patients feel better overall. As a user myself, I feel better too. I am very excited by these results. I recommend SomaDerm® to my patients because I know first-hand that it works.”

Seaman Dan is open to parties who would like to be part of their joint venture featuring the SomaDerm® Gel and other products by New U Life®. They are currently offering free websites to the first 200 to join their network.

For those who would like to know more about SomaDerm® straight from health professionals and contact Seaman Dan about their offer, the website is accessible through the link above.