Productivity, Practicality and Purpose – What to Look for in Business Software

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( — January 24, 2020) — Do you own or manage a business? There’s a lot to be said for being in positions of power in the business world. The pay is usually pretty decent but with it comes a whole heap of demands. You are in charge of decisions that could make or break your organisation in the future. That’s why it pays to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology to assist you and your staff. So if you’ve been considering business software solutions but don’t know where to start, read this handy article. We’ll unpack how you can achieve productivity, practicality and purpose in a business computer program.

Look for Streamlined Accounting

If you’re still using manual methods for your accounting you are wasting time. That’s a bit blunt, but it is true. The amount of time it takes you or your staff to do the books manually is time that could be better spent on growing your revenue, developing strategies for the future, improving your marketing efforts or getting out there and networking. Look for streamlined accounting software that can automate your processes. For example, accounting software can automatically tally an invoice based on line items, send it off to your client and then generate late notices and final notices if they’re tardy in paying.

Security is Paramount

Business software handles lots of sensitive information about both your business and your customers or clients. Personal details, banking details, credit card numbers – the list goes on. You need to ensure that any software you use has airtight encryption and security measures. Chat to the sales rep before you buy, and politely enquire if they’ve ever had any security breaches. If they have or dance around the answer, keep looking for software that will keep you, your business, and your clients’ data safe and secure.

Rostering and Payroll

Do you or your teams spend too much time on timesheets, rosters and payroll processes? Great business software can do all these things for you, again freeing up your valuable time. For example, employees can put in their preferences for hours, submit their timesheets and leave requests and then get paid, all using the same software. How great is that? Gone are the days of hand-written timesheets. The same software can even automatically generate payslips.

Size and Scale

The size of your organisation is going to determine what type of software you choose for your needs. For example, a small business of 5-20 people may benefit from a boutique software that is specifically designed for SMEs. While a large firm with multiple teams will need enterprise-level software solutions for all its business functions. 

Customer Service and Support

It is worth investigating how much customer service and support the software company offers especially after-sales support. Do they have wait times or people available upon demand? Do they offer phone support or live chat or email? Are they offshore or local? Software can bug out, glitch and fail to perform sometimes, so you want to be assured that in case anything goes wrong you have access to great support to get you back online.

Summing Up

If you follow these tips you should be able to effectively choose a business software solution for your needs. Look for streamlined and automated accounting processes to save you valuable time. Choose software that has gold-standard encryption and security systems for peace of mind. Can the software you are considering perform all payroll and rostering functions? If so, great! Make sure to choose software that suits the size and scale of your organisation. And finally, investigate what level of customer service they offer, especially after-sales support.