Liverpool Maritime Training Basic Safety Refresher Courses Launched

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( — January 28, 2020) — Liverpool, UK — A new range of maritime training and safety courses has been launched by Seascope Maritime Training in Liverpool. They are known as one of the leading providers in the UK.

Seascope Maritime Training in Liverpool, UK, has launched a new range of courses and refresher training programs following their new location move. They’re providing MCA approved STCW maritime training and safety courses, including onshore and offshore RYA in Liverpool.

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Seascope Maritime Training has relocated to a new home at Clock Tower Park, New Hall Campus, Fazakerley, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool, L10 1LD.

The new range of courses is designed to prepare participants for a successful career at sea.

Seascope Maritime Training has been offering these courses since 2004 in the UK, and are known for training to the highest standards.

The team was established by Alfie Hincks, who takes pride in his teaching and enjoys sharing his knowledge.

Courses include engineering courses, first aid training, RTA courses, STCW Safety Training, and Yacht Interior Training.

The STCW Basic Safety Training course is a week long course, and has five main modules. These are designed to ensure that participants have all the skills and knowledge they need to survive at sea.

The program is mandatory for anyone working onboard commercial vessels over 24 meters in length. However, it’s highly recommended for anyone who will be at sea.

One of the things that sets Seascope apart from other course providers is that they set their standards high.

Participants will find that each course is carried out in small groups. This helps to ensure that each student gets quality time and attention, and benefits in the best way from the tuition provided.

The modules covered in the course are Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Firefighting, and Security Awareness.

Seascope states: “We run our course to the highest standards in accordance with the regulations and stringent requirements of the MCA, and all our instructors are highly trained professionals who make learning fun.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.