Best Career Choice True Calling Power Quadrant System Audio And Pdf Released

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The Power Quadrant System has been launched. It is a system that helps individuals determine what the best choices are in regard to careers, spouses and more.

Healthy Wealthy n Wise Magazine has launched the Power Quadrant System. This system explains that a change in the calendar occurred centuries ago and was hidden from mankind.This fact has caused people to not know themselves or what they were created to do on the earth.

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Ric & Liz, Publishers Healthy Wealthy n Wise Magazine, have launched this system after ten years of intensive research into the history of a calendar shift that occurred and the results of that change on mankind.

After applying the principles they discovered to themselves they then elicited help from a close circle of friends. After numerous discussions and input of data they verified positive results. It was on this foundation they developed the Power Quadrant System.

The system is based on people understanding a code embedded in a pre-Julian calendar whether their personality is red, blue, yellow or white. The couple found a study that showed that over 1,750 individuals had used this calendar and had been able to make positive changes in their lives.

The Power Quadrant System states the current calendar has major flaws including no secret code, missing days, disregard for months and misnamed months. The Power Quadrant System declares it has the ability to show one their true nature, a significant other, which career is best, children’s destiny and much more.

The Power Quadrant System has distilled thousands of hours and years of research into a succinct easy to understand format. The essential information is contained in one 53 minute audio download and an accompanying PDF workbook. The system shared in this package includes subjects such as revealing personality, life path, finding meaningful relationships, and avoiding career depression.

During the launch period the company is offering a unique guarantee. They are offering this system for $7 and a free membership to the Real Life Legends Club which is a self improvement club. .

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